The Durlicouros

Durli is specialized in Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leather. Consolidated by their high quality standard, it´s a company that values the partnership with curtomers and suppliers, having in their Philosophy the commitment to attend with seriusness the most demanding markets. For more than torty years Durli supllies leather for the most important domestic and international customers, for automotive, shoes, funiture and accessories. With state of the art technology and a qualified team Durli innovates every day to maintain its high level of excellence since the purchasing of the raw hides until after the arrival of the leather as cutomer´s factories.


The history of Durli started in 1960 with the construction of the first plant in Erechim city in south of Brazil. On that time, most of the processes were handmad. With the increase on the demand there was a need for more employees and modern equipments and later, the expansion to another three states in Brazil, Mato Grosso, Pará, Tocantins and Paraná.

Recognized as a reference of strength and engagement with the quality, today Durli export leather for mosrt of European and Asian Markets.


Meet the needs of the global leather market, adding value through a sustainable process.


Ser referência como um dos principais produtores mundiais de couro.

Values and Principles

Initiative, Teamwork, Ethics, Human Development, Professionalism, Commitment.

Featured in the market

To suplly the best Wet-Blue, Crust and Finished leather to the domestic and International markets, Durli have the foloowing guidelines:

- partnership with slaughterhousesm which guarantees the quantity and the quality of the raw hides with rigorous quality controls;

- own transportation, guaranteeing safety and fast delivery;

- State of art equipment and prepared professionals, who are able to produce more than nine thousand hides per day and increasing;

- strategic geographical position with production plats close to the breeding areas and slaughterhouses and inspection and delivry plants close to ports and major highways.

Environmental Responsibility

Durli Couros has signed in 20/07/2010, the “TAC” - Termo de Ajustamento de Conduta (Adjustment of Conduct's Term), with the Brazilian's Attorney General Office for Para state under it, we agree to acquire green hides only from slaughterhouses which buy cattle from farms that are in compliance with governmental laws (environmental, Labor regulations, as well other government agencies, etc.).

So, to access the Farm Lists, please click here.

Social Responsibility

Today the Brazilian Society expects companies not only generate jobs but they fulfill their role in the development process as agents of a new culture, actors of social change, so that together we can build a better society.

Given the demands of different parts of society - community, consumers, shareholders and government - is the Durlicouros while promoting a better quality of life of our employees and their families and, consequently, society in general, in actions that promote environmental awareness, citizenship and life in family.

Through the program life on the road - truck driver DURLI the company organizes its activities in the area of social responsibility and citizenship. Many campaigns are being carried out as garbage in the garbage - for the development of environmental awareness in our employees and their families - and defensive - in order to reduce the number of victims on Brazilian roads.

Childhood Partnership with Brazil, through the program in One Hand, provides the fight against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence, still common in some regions of the country.

Through the annual donation of books for children and young people to Durlicouros support to education and community development, to develop future citizens.

Environmental and Social Responsibility are concepts that go hand in hand with sustainable development. So the company has around 129,000 replant trees and is forecast to more 45,000 seedlings this year.

It is with this attitude that Durlicouros is increasingly seeking help in the formation of a Brazilian society more just and egalitarian.

The mark of quality Brazilian

Brazil is the country with the largest commercial cattle herd in the world due to vast territorial extension and tropical weather, These two reasons contribute for the breed of uncontable bovine races, specially the Nelore breed, and guarantees large availability of good quality row material.

Durli represents with distinction this Brazilian potential, exporting, to the world, leather that add value to the final finished product.